Monday, January 05, 2009


Buddy fell asleep at 3am last night and I of course didn't sleep much. I think he woke up briefly to throw up and then went back to sleep. I tossed on the couch for a couple of hours before I switched with Hubby. I woke up at 7am with the other two and Buddy was in my bed sleeping at that point.
We got SmartGuy off on the bus and waited for Buddy to wake up so we could take him to the Nursing Station. He finally woke up around 9am and was acting normal. He didn't want to show us his groin but eventuallu he did and there was no more swelling, not more egg like lump under the skin. I'm just totally baffled, I'm thankful because I had visions of the trek to Whitehorse and surgery dancing around in my head and I shed a few tears last night while he was sleeping.
I kept him home today, so we can keep an eye on him for the day and to get some rest though he's had 6 hours of sleep and I've had about 4, I'm about to fall over and seems to just keep going.
I did end up taking Bubba to daycare who bless his heart slept totally through the night. I'm pretty happy about that. But I couldn't keep up with him today and I just want to nap.
My van needs to be taken in to get fixed as well. It's plugged in but it wouldn't start Hubby think something happend to the plug so he went to get a new plug to fix it. I have an appointment to take in to get fixed this afternoon as well. It feels like a crazy day.
I'm just glad my middle baby is doing fine now.

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