Monday, January 05, 2009

The downside of living here...

Our doctors do not go on call because the Government won't pay them what they want.

For a few days now Buddy has been having a little swelling in his groin, I noticed it and thought maybe it was just his testicle going up. His big brother had an undecended testical and had to have surgery for it 3 years ago. I kept an eye on this and it just wasn't going down and it was worse on the weekend so I figured I'd call first thing Monday to get it checked out.

At 10:30 tonight he woke up screaming and crying. It was bigger than ever and I was sure not what to do. So I  called our Nursing Station and she said the most she could do was look at it and give him Tylenol and there were no doctors on call. There is  a lump under the skin and at first we thought maybe the testical and then maybe a hydrocele but now I'm thinking it's a hernia.

He's thrown up a few times now tonight and I'm on first shift. I've been sitting in the living room with Buddy since about 11pm. He's gotten up a few times to pee, well he made me carry him. I tried keeping his bottom half naked so nothing was being restrictive on his parts but he insists that he is too cold. He's been sleeping on and off and so have I. Each time he wakes up he watches a few minutes of cartoons and then off he goes again.

I'm surprised Bubba hasn't woken up yet and Hubby will be up probably around 4:30 am and I can get some sleep until I take the boy to the Doctor. My biggest concern is that he'll need surgery and right away. It's so cold out and to be traveling in this weather is not something I look forward to. Whether they medi-vac him out or I drive him I don't know. I will try to keep you updated!

He feel asleep again so I'm going to close my eyes too!


shmode said...

Oh no D, that sounds seriously painful! I hope it's nothing serious.
{{Hugs}} for the both of you!

Cyndi said...

I hope he feels better soon!!! Poor little guy...