Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weightloss Continued

This is a x cross post from one of the boards I frequent. I wrote it this morning.

I've not given up, my attitude is so different this time but I find that I keep going up and down. I did the calorie counting for 5 days and then the weekend hit and I craved chocolate, I couldn't stop thinking about it and I made cookies on Sunday. I've eaten a lot of cookies.

Last week I made a appointment to see my nurse that the weight loss clinic and just saw her this morning and now I"m going to see her every two weeks just to I can stay on track, stay focused and be accountable.

I'm thinking I have huge issues with food control, my dad basically controled my food my whole life and put me on diets when I was growing up. So once I moved out I never went on a diet again but now I'm trying to change my ways and learn to eat right and I'm finding it very difficult to do the meal planning and calorie counting and sticking to it.

 So my plan is to plan at least one full day a week or a few dinners a week, this does not give me the option to just eat what I want on the other days I'll still eat healthy and within portions but I'm thinking I have to take this slower to overcome the control issues. I want to succeed at this and do this long term. My attitude right now is never give up, never surrender!

My other goal is to get moving again, the last three weeks with being sick, my sons surgery and hurting my back just set me back in the fitness department and now I have to start up again and get moving. My other goal is to walk at least 3 times this week.

I also think I'll start posting on the accountability thread and work with that.
So I'm going to go plan my dinner for Friday night and maybe Sunday night.

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