Monday, February 16, 2009

Winter Blues

I've been feeling down. Which has nothing to do with my weight, I'm feeling very good about the changes I've made but it' s the weather and no sun and just being stuck in the house all the time. That's mainly why we went visitng yesterday. There was no real change in the weightloss department this week but I've been exercising and I'm feeling the difference there. Though my poor knees were aching yesterday.
We had a nice visit with my folks, who we don't visit enough and they are just up the hill. We also visited my brother and fiance. Only 5 weeks until I have a new niece or nephew. I'm so excited.
The boys are all doing great and Bubba is starting to talk finally, Buddy is very understandable and SmartGuy is going really well in his listening most days..
Things are busy as ever though, we've been lucky the last few weeks with SmartGuy's hockey practice on Tuesday nights only for the last month.
I still haven't been sleeping well and I'm not sure why but I seem to be functioning okay. Hubby and I are taking Wednesday off work so stay home and get some much needed work down around the house that has been put off with the illnesses and my back and things have piled up and they just can't seem to get accomplished on the weekends, so we'll do that. It'll be nice to spend a day with Hubby even if we'll be cleaning.

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