Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Going along...

I've been meaning to update for awhile now. This are going well. I'm keeping busy with all my stuff work, taking care of the family and home, reading, studying, writing, taking my courses and trying to get healthy. It's a lot of stuff to do in my little schedule.

The boys are doing wonderful.

Bubba, who will need a new name soon is starting to really talk, it's just so cool to see. Within a few months it'll be interesting to see what the difference is. He's doing great, had a few colds but healthy and growing and still into everything.

Buddy, is also doing well, though these days he tries my patience with his non-stop chatter and testing the limits. He's taken to lying and a being deceitful. I don't think it's in malice, it's just to like I said test the limits. He's still really cute and funny and knows how to butter up his parents.

SmartGuy is doing pretty good. The last couple of weeks he's going through a not listening thing again but still doing well at school. He's going in the kids' lip sync this year, it' son Saturday. I think it'll be great fun, he's doing two songs with a friend of his. I really wish I had a video camera!

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