Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Morning Update

We had a pretty good weekend. SmartGuy entered into the Kid's Lip Sync, this is where the kids pick a song and lip sync it and doe dance moves. It's really cute every year and finally this year we had enough warning that he wanted to do it. He got one of his buddy's to do it with him but his buddy was away for the week of spring break and they didn't get to practice and then they ended up being stuck where they were because of a snow storm, so he couldn't make it.

As the days got closer SmartGuy was getting really nervous and scared about people watching him and he was adamant he couldn't do it without his buddy. Well the time approached and SmartGuy had decided that he didn't want to do it. So I said okay but gave him a pep talk and talked about when you decide to do something you should follow through. We brought his costume just in case he changed his mind. Well saw that other kids were doing it and decided that he was going to do it and took his CD up.

Hubby and I were chasing kids the whole time and after about 1/2 hour Bubba asked to go home, so Hubby took him home and they hung out. Buddy watched and was pretty fascinated by it and finally SmartGuy went up near the end of the show and he did it. I was so proud of him. He did awesome. He didn't win any prizes but they gave all the kids a certificate and a pass for one free swim. They said he was "most enthusiastic". I had to chuckled at that one, I wonder if he'll ever grow out of that one.

We went to some Thaw-Di-graw events on Sunday but it was pretty chilly and I ended up taking Bubba home early. That night I started not feeling well and got a sore throat. I'm achy and tired and I may go home soon. Buddy had the rosiest of cheeks last night but he's feeling fine and we even checked if he had a fever but no he didn't. He got frostbite in his cheeks when he was younger and now I think that he just gets rosy.

So here we are Monday morning. I was miserable this morning and still had to get up with the kids and I just cried because they were not listening and doing their bickering thing. I went and hid in the laundry room to cry but I turned to go and both the older guys were standing behind me and started asking what was wrong and why am I sad. So I just told them I didn't feel well and I was tired. But they kept asking and being sweet to me so that made me feel better. I was feeling like crap and Hubby was doing his usual thing and I started to think that yeah, he still helps me when he's sick, so I'd better buck up and I did but I still want to crawl into bed and I may yet.

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