Thursday, March 19, 2009

Working out.

So I was chatting this morning with a friend via online and she said she was going to be back for my birthday which is a little over a month away and asked what I had planned. Well nothing really. She said we should get Cyndi to come up for the weekend too! So I got to thinking that I should do something. I'm not in the mood for going out drinking these days, especially since I'm trying to lose weight, who wants those calories, not me! Dinner out is nice if you have a bunch of friends, so maybe that and then the next day could be something too! Like a hike or a weiner roast or something outdoorsy, if weather permits! So I was thinking about that a bit.

I'm down another pound this morning, I'm doing something right and feeling great about it. I wen to the gym today at lunch. I had a 25 minute workout, walked to the grocery store and got myself a couple of apples and a lean cuisine chicken,mushroom, spinach sandwich thing. It's good, I've had one before and I like it.

So I found a workout that I like on, since I've not a totally beginner I start on week 5. Don't mind the picture or title of the article, I just ignored it, if you check it out that is.

So today I did 2 sets of 12 in these areas after a warm up on the elliptical and a stretch. I did had the step-ups.
Leg press on the equipment
Lateral pull on the equipment
Step ups
Bench press with a weighted bar
Seated row on the equipment
calf raises 12 on each leg each set
Shoulder press with dumbbells
It took about 25 minutes all together and I didn't break between I just moved from exercise to exercise. I worked up a bit of a sweat and I felt great. I can't wait to do it again. It was surprising it was only me and my workout buddy there today. It was busier on previous times. It was nice though because I didnt' have to change any of the machines.

I'll be able to do this at home was well with the little equipment that I do have. I've been meaning to blow up my ball again too!

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