Saturday, April 11, 2009


I'm feeling a difference in myself and my body. Maybe it's my attitude or all the exercise or both. I find I'm more aware of what goes into my body and I'm finding that I check myself before I eat something. It's been really interesting.

I haven't been doing much except going to the gym and while I planned on going twice a week, it's more like once a week right now. I get up and do my walking to a dvd in the morning usually. Except the last week. I've been doing yoga when I can. I'm noticing the changes in my body, tightening and slimming, it's slow but I've had a couple of people say something to me.

So it's nice to see a change. I'm feeling really good right now. Loving almost every minute of life. So it's definitely nice to she this turn around for me.

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