Friday, April 03, 2009

Feeling at a loss...

as in what to write. I'm not feeling very creative but wanting to be creative lately. Does that make sense? I seem to go through these ups and downs a lot. I'm trying to stay positive. At least the staying healthy and exercising is still at the forefront of my mind. I haven't lost anyweight but I haven't really gained any either.

I got to the gym twice this week and I'm really going to try and workout at home over the weekend.

The temperature dropped again and it's making me depressed. I absolutely hate it! I want the warm weather to come and come quickly. I want to be outside and enjoying my yard.

Same cycle, different day. My sleep is on and off and my stress level is on and off. I'm just trying to deal with life right now and stay on top of the game without being brought down to some pathetic pool of sadness.

Things are happening in life that are really beyond my control and I had not being able to control my environment. I'm so affect emotionally and spiritually when things are not right. Though at the same time, work is fine, the kids are great and hubby and I are okay.

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