Monday, May 04, 2009

The Military Wives' Cookbook

I received a copy of this pink camo covered cookbook to review. I was surprised at how much I liked it besides being pink it was fill with information, quotes and tidbits before each recipe about the history of the military.Though I'm not much of a military buff, the information is geared toward the wives of military men which is very interesting.

The cookbook is divided into categories and then put into menus as a display for bridal showers to tea parties to large dinners with many guests. It's a really very charming cookbook to read. There is every variety of recipes in this book from traditional baking recipes to international fair. There are many recipes in this book that I would like to try, I've only had the opportunity to use one so far and it was a Pineapple Punch which was really quite delicious!

The Menu under Teas and Coffees was Sunrise Coffee and it included the following recipes

Quiche Lorraine
Golden Sunrise Muffins
Crumb-Toppped Apple Coffee Cake
Seasonal Fresh Fruit Tray
Fresh Fruit Dip
Assorted Fruit Juices
Pineapple Punch

Under this menu alone, there are a few recipes I would like to test out and give a taste. I really look forward to using this cookbook in the future.


shmode said...

Is this Canadian military bits of information? I'd be interested in seeing that, TFS!

Siuan said...

No it's American.