Monday, May 04, 2009

The Military Wives' Cookbook

I received a copy of this pink camo covered cookbook to review. I was surprised at how much I liked it besides being pink it was fill with information, quotes and tidbits before each recipe about the history of the military.Though I'm not much of a military buff, the information is geared toward the wives of military men which is very interesting.

The cookbook is divided into categories and then put into menus as a display for bridal showers to tea parties to large dinners with many guests. It's a really very charming cookbook to read. There is every variety of recipes in this book from traditional baking recipes to international fair. There are many recipes in this book that I would like to try, I've only had the opportunity to use one so far and it was a Pineapple Punch which was really quite delicious!

The Menu under Teas and Coffees was Sunrise Coffee and it included the following recipes

Quiche Lorraine
Golden Sunrise Muffins
Crumb-Toppped Apple Coffee Cake
Seasonal Fresh Fruit Tray
Fresh Fruit Dip
Assorted Fruit Juices
Pineapple Punch

Under this menu alone, there are a few recipes I would like to test out and give a taste. I really look forward to using this cookbook in the future.

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shmode said...

Is this Canadian military bits of information? I'd be interested in seeing that, TFS!