Wednesday, June 03, 2009

My Day

Started like so many other days lately, us sleeping to late and me being grumpy. It was a little different this morning though, I wasn't yelling or getting too frustrated. It's hard getting back to the summer routine with Hubby working ridiculous hours and me holding down the fort. The part the sucks about it is Hubby is up late so he stays up later and wants to sleep later which is totally impossible in our house because the kids bedrooms and bathroom are right by our room and the morning can be chaos some days.

So I was late and never got breakfast in me before we left so I went to the grocery store before work and got something to eat and of course it was way too high in calories and for some reason I bought myself chocolate milk, so by the time I was done eating my breakfast I'd already had something like 800-900 calories, sorry I don't have my journal in front of me. I was compensating high though using It's a really great site. Plus tonight was bad junk food wise, I bought a can of pop and I had gotten the boys an ice cream cone earlier and myself one (only 150 cal) but then I had gotten them cheesies and started munching on those but at least I know how many calories that was. Just terrible, i haven't added up my journal yet for this evening and I'm scared. I would have been fine with just the ice cream today.

Work was majorly slow today but I have a project I've been working on. At lunch I went to Aquafit for the first time and it was a lot of fun and it was a great workout. I'm so glad that I went. A friend of mine was asking me to go with her last year and I just didn't feel like it. But this year I plan on going on Monday and Friday lunch breaks. My Tuesday and Thursday lunches will be at the gym and my Wednesday will be just me. I'll walk down along front street find some grass and just relax while I nibble on lunch and read a book. It sounds heavenly and you know what? I deserve it!

I ran home after the workout because didn't pack and lunch and just threw a salad together with some chicken. Same lunch I've had all week. I'm really liking my lunch time meals. I got some salmon from mom yesterday, a big chunk I'll have to cook and I think I'll have to wait for a rainy day to turn on the oven and some smoked salmon (which will be good with my lunches as well).

So after work, I ran to the post office, bank, paid for SmartGuy's Art Camp that starts next week, went grocery shopping (bought a bunch of fruit today, lot's of berries), picked up the kids. We stopped at Max's so I could by some smokes. Yes, I'm still smoking, I'm working on it. I have a plan now, only 7 more days I hope. We walked to the ice cream place and Bubba (2yo) spotted a teeny tiny puppy, so we had to go say hi. It was so cute!

We all want a puppy so bad and I'm thinking next year may be the year. Just have to do some research on hypoallergenic dogs and find the right fit for our family.

There was an incident at Daycamp today where SmartGuy did something to another child to hurt them and the teacher talked to me after about it because I told her I want to know what is happening at Daycamp, especially after the bully last year.

So SmartGuy and I had another huge talk tonight, seems like we do this every week. Talking about trust, being respectful and kind, doing the right thing, making the right choices and honesty. He swears up and down that he didn't do this and that the others are lying about him and they always lie about him to get him in trouble. I'm tempted to believe him but then in the later part of the conversation he was telling me another story and sounding so believable but it wasn't real and I knew that but then he wouldn't admit it right away and when he finally did, I thought how do I believe you when you can tell stories so convincingly. Something I have to talk to Hubby about. Funny thing is my husband is the same way with story telling, he quite often makes up things and passes them off as the truth. It's more of a see how gullible you are thing we do with each other but seems our oldest son is picking it up.

So right now we are working on a Star Chart for SmartGuy to earn a video camera and work on his listening, respectfulness and kindness issues. He's also getting a weekly allowance now to learn about money and the value of things. I will not longer buy him frivolous things, he has to pay for those things himself and we'll start a bank account for him soon and he'll have to safe money to put into that account. Parenting is a lot of work I tell ya!

We went and visited Hubby at work tonight briefly, brought him some dinner and the boys got to see him for a change. He's been getting off at 10 most nights, he, in fact just walked through the door now, so I'll sign of now. Night!

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