Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Random Bullet Thoughts

*It's been some time since I've felt the urge to write anything whether this blog or the story I'm working on. Life just seems to get in the way sometimes. Raising my 3 boys takes up so much of my time,that keeping up with general housework seems a chore.

*Just finished my 2 weeks off, house still looks messy even though I cleaned it at least twice. I'm trying not to pull my hair out over that and just go with it.

* My garden looks fabulous at the moment and I love it. I did a lot of work. I put in a corner garden for raspberry bushes and then I dug a trench and filled it with soil and made a strawberry patch. Some neighbourhood cat is crapping in there. I ordered a CatStop yesterday, to help. It's supposed to put out some noice a cat doesn't like.

*I'm not down 30lbs since November 2008. I'm very happy with the results I'm getting, mindfully eating is really helping me and honestly I'm surprised that it's getting easier to just stop myself from eating whatever I want.

*Exercise is great! I love aquafit and going to the gym, I just need to walk more, I miss walking.

*I did hurt my leg this week ( thinking from moving the gravel around in the wheel barrow on Saturday and Sunday, didn't feel it until Monday), so I'm missing out on the aquafit! I went Monday but then felt sick, they didn't have it on Wednesday because of Canada Day and today I'm babying my leg and arm both of which are sore, don't want to overdo it.

*The last week has been stressful because I have been sick and the boys have been their usual selves and Hubby is back to long hours again. It's getting hot.

*It's supposed to keep getting hot too! I'm actually looking forward to a nice hot weekend.

*Did I mention i love my garden.

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