Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Longing for those dog days of summer...

What? Whatever!

So last night we were up at my Folks place for a visit after eating out bbq steak and going for ice cream. SmartGuy found a collar and lease and took the dog out for a walk in his fenced-in dog yard.

He then asked me if he could get a dog for his birthday. I said I didn't know and I would talk to Daddy. He talked about all the things he would need, bed, collar, leash, two bowls for food and water, dog house and on and on. The talked about wanting to get a girl dog so we could have more puppies and names, names, names (Bolt, Cody, Corbin, etc...). He wanted to know what we would do if we went on a car trip and would hotels take dogs or what if we went on an airplane what would happen then. At some point I said that we could get a house sitter and they would watch the dog (on this fictional trip of ours). He didn't like that idea and thought the dog should come with us! So it's the main topic of conversation right now.

We have to look into hyp0allergenic dogs, though SmartGuy said he's not allergic any more. I wonder when he became an allergist? The whole time Buddy was agreeing and copy names for his dog!

This will lead to many discussions I'm sure and I hope sometime in the future we'll get a dog. I just don' t know when!

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