Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday night

I've been very sporatic in my postings and I'm sorry. I've been meaning to keep up but you know how things can get. Summer is moving along way to fast for my liking but my garden is doing fabulous, I'll be able to have some lettuce soon, we've already been eating spinach and had the one and only cucumber that grew. The best part of the garden so far this year seems to be the potatoes, they are huge and I can't wait to see what is growing under there. I'll have to post some pictures over at NotJustCheesecake soon.

I've been doing pretty good but still going up and down a lot. My weight got down to 294 last week but then promptly went back up to 298 and I manged to get it down to 295 again and now I'm still at 298. I know it's because I've not been counting my calories and I wasn't getting my exercise in. I really don't know why I go through these spurts, it's really frustrating to me that I'm so inconsistant and I know I want this and I am committed to it but at the same time, something is holding me back.

I started counting again yesterday and went to the last 3 aquafits and have managed to go for one walk, I really need to get out there and move more, that's what is getting me. I see my nurse tomorrow and those visits always help. I've been religiously checking my 3fatchicks board I go to just not posting as much. I get so embarrassed that I can't stay on track even though I know everything I need to do.

I worry about what I'm putting in my body and what I'm putting in my children's bodies and how they crave candy and goodies. I really need to break that cycle because I've been to indulgent for their wants and I need to teach them better food habits. They do love fruits though and the oldest loves salads and other veggies from the garden but the two youngest seem to had all veggies. So much to work on.

We are really looking at getting a dog soon, in the near future, but who can say when that will ever happen. As you know SmartGuy is allergic, so we have to find a hypoallergenic dog and that's not so easy and there are two reasons for this, our location and money. Seems these hypoallergenic dogs can be expensive and the options up here just aren't what they are down south. Hubby and I really miss having a dog and SmartGuy wants on so bad and a seven year old is just that age for wanting a puppy.

We are looking into fostering a dog from the Animal Shelter to see if we can find a dog that SmartGuy will not be allergic to. We saw one puppy that we really want to foster but the day we decided and phoned in she broke her leg and now she is already fostered out. We went today and meat two females dogs, both nice temperments and very friendly. I want both of them! One is Lola, a lab cross and the other one I found a soft spot for already is Mitsy, she's got bear dog in her. So we are going to start to foster on Sunday or Monday and see how it goes from there.
I'm off to bed now, so I'll write more tomorrow, hopefully.

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