Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Today I biked to town, it's only about 2km from my house to work. Then I biked to the pool on the other side of town from work and then back again. I went to aqua fit and it was a pretty good session, the girl did an awesome job. Eating's been okay today, not the best.

I've been missing the gym and the nice muscles I build when I workout at the gym, so I think next week I'll start going again.

This have been a little hectic and busy on my end and a little stressful but nothing that will either go away or I can't handle. My Hubby's mom died on Sunday and he's been upset but still going to work everyday. He had a day or two where he was really angry and it was a little hard to deal with because he's normally so easy going and content. But he seems to be on the mend. I know the pain won't go away overnight or ever but it will recede and he'll become himself again.

I'm there for him though and he knows that. No matter what the world throws at us, we will cope, it's just how we are as a couple. We talk about our problems and it works itself out.

The kids have been great. Buddy is doing awesome as always and Bubba has hit the terrible two's. I just call them the complicated years when he's learning his boundaries and what is right and wrong. Right now he's big into hitting and getting a reaction. It's a bit frustrating as he laughs when he does it. We've had a few issues with SmartGuy this summer and his behaviour but again we met with his teachers and bounced ideas off each other. It's a process and hopefully some day soon he will get it!

It's all good!


Amber said...

Good for you for being so active! :o)

Huge condolences to your hubby for his loss. :o(

shmode said...

I'm so sorry for Dh's loss D.