Monday, August 03, 2009

Thinking, thinking!

I was having some bad days emotionally but I'm okay again and have been back on track for the last week, so that's making me feel better and I'm getting stronger everyday from my workouts. I continue to go to Aqua fit and have been using the Wii Active. But now I've hurt my hip somehow and it's really bothering me today so I haven't been able to use the Active for 5 days now. The Active is very lower body intensive so that could be why my hip is bugging me. I did go to aqua fit but I think I'm going to skip it today and really let it heal and then start back slow.

Progress is progress. I'm feeling good, the weigh may be stuck at 293lb but I'm losing inches and my clothes are getting looser. I want that to continue. So back to calorie counting. I tell you, it's such an up and down road for me.

A week ago last Saturday, I went out with a couple of girlfriends for some drinks. It was a real stress reliever because I hadn't been out without the kids in so long, sure I have drinks once in awhile with a couple of my girlfriends, they come over to my place after my boys are in bed but it's not really get out of the house and being in the adult world.

So I had a good time, I wanted to have fun and I got to chat with females, women, the same sex as me and it was great. Of course there is talk of everything from kids to books but we started talking about life and the future. The one thing it made me realize is that I'm not in the place I want to be. I'm in the right town and with the right family but I'm not living the life I wanted for myself and my children. I'm stuck in a box!

You know, what are your hopes and dreams? Both Marcel and I dream of having a different life. One where I'm not stuck in my box and he's not tied to a job he hates. We have the most boring jobs in town, I'm sure. So here we are going in circles! What to do?

Well, he wants to build up a furniture make business and me? Well, I want a garden a great big garden and a great big greenhouse. For these purposes we need land! Here, land is hard to come by that is where we'd like it. At the same time, if we were to do the jobs that we want to do and homeschooling the boys, we wouldn't need to be close to town at all. Now it's a matter of finding a place. It just happens that we were looking around the Internet and found a great deal on some land with a home already built on it. It's a 5 bedroom house and it needs to be finished but it's on 20 acres of land.

Next week when we go to the City we are going to go look at it. Only problem it's 3 and half hours away from here but it's right by the river and that's what we want. The problem with finding land is that it's got to be within 1km of a year round maintained road. That is hard to come by with you have other criteria in mind. So far this seems like a perfect location.

Other options we look at was traveling, getting our passports selling everything we own (except my favorite books, we'd put those in storage) and taking our family on the road. It would be a good experience for us all! The boys would love it. I just wish we could.

So as you can see the last week has been full of my thoughts, plans, dreams. Marcel has some pretty good ideas and I love it! I can envision it and I want to do it. So letting the planning begin because I'm not going to still be at my work deck five years from now, now way!

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Amber said...

What an exciting post! I hope you guys are able to make your dreams come true!