Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm about two months away from my 1 year anniversary of starting this lifestyle change, I was hoping to have a decent number under my belt. Not that I'm complaining about losing 35lbs so far. But I've been off track and I'm getting back on.

The thing that sucks is that all my stress goes right to my belly and it sticks out and I don't like that one bit. So I'm keeping that in mind as I get this back in control. I know I want it, I know I can do it and I just have to do it. I have my mind set now. I will do it! So in another year from now I will have made great progress and I will be a better person inside for putting myself first and taking care of myself.

I want to be here for a long time and I want to be healthy and fit and loving my life!

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