Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Crazy life!

So discovered new author that I like, okay didn't discover, was introduced. Marian Keyes. She's witty and smart and I just plain love her writing. Read This Charming Man, interesting tale four women and one very charming man but it's now what you think! So I have two more books a friend lent me by this author and I'm already checking out amazon and chapters for some more.

I've been reading Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child a lot, I ready 8 of their books, the Pendergast series. I'm taking a small break from these, there are 2 more to read but I need something more uplifting than these really, really great thrillers. I need something light and fluffy, though I tell you Charming Man wasn't so light, with over 600 pages.

So as you can see my main focus lately has been reading, it's about all I do in my spare time or not spare time when I should be cleaning toilets or folding laundry. Good think Hubby has picked up the slack because I've become undomesticated!

So that also tells you that I have not being 1) writing 2) getting my courses done or 3) crafting aka scrapbooking.

Yes, I've been living life my the skin of my teeth, Hubby does most of the cooking and cleaning, while I work and do laundry. I'm not myself and I haven't been in a long time. I thought that that year after Mica was born that I was doing good but I hadn't been. I've been selfish and needy and not being a good parent, wife or friend. I've just been not there. I can't explain it. Life because so busy, so about everyone else, that I didn't know who or what I was anymore and well, I still don't but I'm coming to realize that this is the life I wanted and asked for and got and I need to make the best of it and be the best I can be with what I got! So I'm going to be the best mom and wife that I can be, I may not cook every meal but I can get down on the floor and play with my boys.

You know, almost four months ago, I was given shake up of my life and it really woke me up to what was going on in my life. I was just living really, okay not true. This summer I really did a lot of work, a lot, I was in a really great place mentally and then I was in a downward spiral to hell. But I pulled myself up and I woke up, I'm still waking up. I'm moving on and upward and forward and I'm doing the best I can and I'm going to continue to do the best I can.

Now, I should give you a little update of my boys.

I'll start youngest to oldest this time.

Mica is going to be 3 come January. I know? Can you believe it? He's a tall thin boy with blond hair and blue eyes, he's got a great smile. He's got a great personality and yes, like the other boys he's got some issues. He has speech issues but we've been working on them for sometime now and he's come such a long way, I'm so happy with his progress, I can understand about 85% of what he says no problems. He's got behavior issues but they are related to sensory issues, he's a stimulation seeker, opposite of Mickey, so he's always looking for reactions and noise and touch. So we are on top of that, he's works with a support worker everyday on his speech and behaviour issues. It's really amazing. Some new things with him, he's loving to read now and he really likes Calliou and The Backyardigans, he's not much of a tv watcher but just lately when the older two are watching one of these shows he likes it. All 3 are glued to Max and Ruby and I don't get it? He's on his way to potty training, I'm being pretty laid back about it, he goes everyday at daycare but still wears diapers or pullups. If he's nake of has pj's on he'll go but if he has a diaper or underwear on he won't. Not sure why. So we'll see. He's really great, happy all the time and loves to have fun. He's my little dare devil.

Mickey is loving, loving school. He's going to be 5 in a few weeks and he's super excited about his upcoming Birthday Party. He's doing great. They just started working with him on his speech stuff so that is a plus! He's getting along better with his older brother but his younger brother seems to know how to push his buttons when he's looking for a reaction because he usually get a big reaction from Mickey. He's still our ear popping screamer! But he's progressing nicely and I really like to see that.

Kale has turned 8, hard to believe he's so old. He's doing very well in some areas and needing work in others. It's amazing what we learn. He's had a rough bit this year so far at school. We've learned that his reading and comprehension is at a Grade 8 level, though that was as far as the testing went, he's about average at math but that may be because he doesn't like to fail. He's a perfectionist but when he does the work he seems to get it and do it more of it and fast than the rest of his class. He's a boy apparently who doesn't have ADHD but needs firm rules and borders because he's a logical thinker, not an emotional one which is healthy but he doesn't know how to apply it properly and doesn't pause before he acts. He thinks of a solution and does it, not aware of consequences or how his actions hurt others. So we are on top of it. His teach is really great and working with us this year, the school has been tremendous as well. He's seen the school psychologist and now the occupational therapist, theres a behavioral specialist in the school and a great counselor. So I've had lot's of meetings and talks and I'm on top of it. I want my kids to get the best and succeed in whatever they do but also be happy. That is my main focus for Kale, I want him to be happy. He's such an amazing child, it just makes me cry how awesome he is. I just hope that we are the kind of parents that will do the best for him and seldom let him down. I know we can't be perfect.

We just plan on being more of a together family than we have in the past with more time spent interacting and not just acting around each other. That's our main goal. I love my boys so much!

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Amanda said...

Oh, please continue reading Marian! I heart her! You must, must MUST read Rachel's Holiday. The subject matter is quite sad on some occasions but the way she writes... it makes me laugh out loud!

I just posted about reading her newest book, which I picked up (Despite it's 25 dollar price tag) because I simply couldn't wait for the next edition to come out.

I own all her books and I firmly beleive that you should, too!