Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yesterday was 10x better and I forgot to weigh this morning. Oh well! Today will be another great day but Hubby made us a big breakfast of bacon, eggs and hashbrowns, I'll be full until dinner. It was super yummy though. I'm boiling water for a green tea and thinking about going to get a latte later. I'm on lunch room duty for the Kindergarten class today. I have meeting with Mica's speech and maybe sensory workers at 11. Tomorrow there is no school but we have parent teacher conferences in the afternoon. Wow, two kids now! Crazy, crazy! I still can get over the fact that Kale is 8 years old, it's just too weird. Mickey's 5th birthday is coming up and he's super excited. We are doing a Ben 10 theme, I can't wait for it to happen! Just over a week away. Hubby and I also get a two night break, going to the City. I love my parents! They are so generous to watch the kids for us! It's almost like a honeymoon.

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