Friday, January 22, 2010

1...2...3.. Here we go!!!.....

Wow yesterday turned into the biggest crap day ever!

My son won't be going back to school full time anytime soon or even to his classroom. I guess I was never told the full extent of what was happening and how often. His social behaviors are not good at all. So they are working on plans and trying to come up with help and EA's to cover and what not. While I sit here and there really is nothing I can do. It feels so frustrating. Yesterday I was a mess, a sobbing teary eyed mess. I want so badly to fix this for him, to make it right so he is never hurt. But I can't protect him from this. He needs to learn to control himself. So they will be working on that.

Meanwhile, I'm over the pity party and now I'm looking for solutions. I've called those I think can help and once I hear back from them, we will see. This may be a long road ahead for me because I don't know what I can do to help him or what resources are out there. I don't know how it will affect me and how our household works, whether I work or not or how we approach this and how we fix it, if I continue to work I have to find adequate child care and child care that is about him and helping him. Will Day camp work, he had so many problems last year and it was all about him working to better himself but what if he needs a life coach. So I'm looking into more funding and possibilities that I will have to deal with .He does want to go back to Day camp for after school and summer. So we will see I guess.

This is the whole reason I went to the LDAY conference in April because I knew I would have to advocate for my son so here we are and I'm ready.

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