Thursday, January 21, 2010

Donna's Holiday

That's what I want, a holiday from life just for a few days. It would be nice, I'd sleep, read, do yoga, relax, do nothing but pamper myself. Yup, that would be nice. Wait, next week I go to the dentist, so I'll have a night to myself, it'll be heaven! I'll have Sushi, maybe take in a movie, read, wander the book stores. Nice. I really need it.

There is really no change in the weight loss but I'm getting back my exercise routine which is nice. Today I didn't make it, I was half way on my walk to the gym when I realized I have on my wrong winter boots, I usually wear my Neos on gym days so I can wear my runners in them. Not today, so I drove home, ate my sandwich, sat with my son and then read a little bit.

It's been crazy in my life lately, meetings, presentations, more meetings, appointments, we had a birthday party in there for Mica's third too! I'm not sleeping and today we, the whole household slept in and it wasn't too bad, I was supposed to provide a letter 'J' snack this week for Mickey's kindie class and I made jello last night. I stuck juice boxes in Mickey's backpack and off we went. Got to the school and took out the juice and there was about an inch of juice in the bottom of his backpack, not too bad, didn't damage his homework books, so that was a plus. But I had to clean it up and then get Mica to daycare but got sidetracked getting a book for Kale from his classroom. Since he's at home this week.

He's had another incident at school and was sent home for the week until we can figure something out. It's his impulse control, people got in his space, they didn't listen and he lashes out. I don't understand what is going on with this. I went to a presentation on Non-verbal Learning Disabilities and a lot of the stuff fit my boy but part of it still doesn't feel right. I'm not sure what but maybe it's just his impulse control. I don't know. I'm feeling very lost about the whole situation because I don't know what to do to change it and make life better for him but I'm reading and finding information and looking for more, I'll be picking up some books in the City next week. I am his advocate, so I have to keep on top of things.

Things are running along smoothly for Mickey and he's really blossoming in Kindergarten and doing so well. He's a happy camper!! Though he is obsessed with playing the New Mario Bros. Wii and he only gets to play a bit on weekends but he's constantly talking about it. Not sure about that. He gets his speech worked on at school but I don't think they do too much with his sensory issues.

Mica is still being worked with on his speech and sensory issues. But seems to be doing so well. We've moved him to a dayhome now. Smaller group and environment seems to be doing wonders for him, but it could be a honeymoon stage. We'll see in a few weeks how he is but right now at daycare he is doing great. He's with his teacher from the old daycare, she opened up her own place and just love it. I really didn't want to lose her as his teacher. At home, I pretty much still have a monster. I need to change our ways at home I guess. Work in progress.

I'm having a pretty emotional day today and keep crying, it sucks but I'll make it through. It's from lack of sleep. I haven't been sleeping too well the last two nights (like I said), I'm hoping tonight will be better but Grey's is one, so who knows. All the stress from life lately is making me be forgetful and all kinds of stuff. I gave the wrong day for my travel to the dentist. But it's all worked out now. Thank goodness.

I'm trying to stay positive and up beat! Sucks I missed the gym though!

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Brenda said...

Yeah for time for yourself--even if you have to go to the dentist to get it. Sounds like you have had good and bad in your week. I hope they end up balancing out in the end. Thinking about you!