Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What I'm doing these days.

Reading, playing Mario Wii, sleeping, playing-reading-helping with my boys and spending time with Hubby. I've not really been doing much to change my situation.

Okay I did see my nurse last week and I do have an appointment to see your Friday and I'm going to talk to the doctor about Kale see what we can do, maybe get genetic testing to see if it turns up anything, I have made an appointment with an organization that may be able to help and I really need to see my counselor as I'm having a bad time right now. Feeling pretty emotional.

I can't shake it, I'm trying to hard but then I get so down and then I self talk myself back up but I don't stay up. My nurse was saying how much energy it takes to keep myself at a normal level and sometimes we just can't handle it.

I'm not having the best sleep this past week and that could be why I'm so emotional. I have to start practicing some relaxation techniques but I've been saying that for ages and I still haven't done it.

I just hope I hear from the school today and hopefully Kale will be going to school tomorrow even if it's only for 1/2 days but then again I was thinking I would take him to the City with me, so we could have some one on one time. Something the boys don't get very often. And I know Kale really needs it.

So on goes the journey to self discovery, one of these days I will make great headway again. I know I will.

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