Friday, January 29, 2010

Here we are still in the City. We are going home today, hopefully the roads are clear and the sun is out. It's been a nice couple of days, my tooth got fixed until I get approval for a crown and my teeth got cleaned, wow, my mouth feels great.

I got books, seems to be the main purchases. I have a couple of places to stop this morning but nothing major.

Last night Kale and I went for Sushi and then the bookstore for a bit and then we went to see Avatar. We were both impressed, I thought it was just amazing. I really just liked everything about it, it was just so beautiful.

So we had home today and that will be really nice to get home, I miss the other boys, husband included. It'll be time for some more changes when I get back, cutting out the pop and back to calorie counting if I'm going to make these changes.

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