Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Things are moving right along...

I have amazing guilt the last few weeks about how I've been, how I'm acting, what I'm feeling, the stress I'm under and why I'm not the way I normally am. I hate when I have outer body experiences like this. It'll all come together though, some day, eventually, right?

I'm back on track with the weight loss but I'll have to keep at it to get to where I was this summer, no more back sliding and no more stopping. It's all about commitment and change and I'm ready for it. It's really weird how I can get to this size and not notice but then loss 4olbs and then put 30 of it back on, you really notice the difference. I'm back at mid-point now and even those last 18 lbs are a huge difference but it could also be that I'm not as tone as I was.

I was getting back to a routine, going to the gym but it seems like I have so much going on with the boys and their schedules that I can't get to the gym on the two days that I want to. And it'll be the same in the summer as I visit for at least an hour a week at Mica's new daycare.

With the three boys my schedule is so messed up and busy that I just need to do it in the mornings whether they are doing it with me or not. This is my goal, to reestablish my workout routine. Maybe dig out something new, I have all these workout DVD's and they hardly get used and some haven't been used. I got a new Walk Away the Pounds when in the City and got the weighted gloves with it, so I have to try that one out soon.

The eating is going good, not over doing it and not snacking, still drinking my pepsi but overall doing okay there. I like when I'm on track with this, makes me feel more confident.

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