Sunday, March 07, 2010

Late night thoughts

I've been lost for awhile. Don't ask me where I have been because it was not pretty and I've messed up or neglected my blog. So that is why I've started afresh.

I feel like I'm back now, to post about my boys and about my journey in being a mother, a better mother and of course my weight loss efforts.

While I was away my memory has gone kaput and I heard that that can happen when under a lot of stress and I have been and still am at times but I'm going to start focusing on meditation and breathing and try to do more yoga, we've been talking about it and we've come to the conclusion that we've been doing a lot of talking lately and not a whole lot of doing. So we will be trying to change that. Plus, mind games to get my head back in the game and my memory back.

Things we are focusing one:

*One on one time with the boys.
*Walking everyday.
*A better bedtime routine, well just a not so rushed one.

Things I'm working on
*Taking the time for me
*working some of the suggestions that we've been given by the variety of specialists to help our boys burn energy or concentrate on movement and some speech stuff.
*Writing, I want to start writing again, not just the blog but writing my stories again, I miss it so much.
*Daily exercise, even 10 minutes, something whether is be walking, yoga, aqua fit or sweat inducing dvd workouts.
*Games night, some women I've been hanging with have done a couple of games night and it's been super fun and we are going to make it a monthly thing. It's just so nice to let loose a little and fan a blast with some women.

Well, I had better get to bed I just stayed up too late watching Julie and Julia and I really enjoyed it.

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