Thursday, March 04, 2010

Well, Kale has been in his part time schedule for about a month now. It seems to be working well, he's loving all the one on one attention and doesn't seem to be missing his class. He misses certain friends but that's it. He still has a hard time with impulse control and stopping himself from going to far but it's getting easier for him to stop once an adult steps in.

So after spring break (next week), he'll get his testing done by the psychologist and then maybe we'll have a few more answers. She's already done the observations but now it's time to get the testing done. They've also put in the reports for this committee in the City that will look at their resources and let us know what they can provide.

After spring break he'll also have a tutor in the afternoons. They've found someone and have the tutor funding, so he'll be with his tutor in the afternoons at specified location and they will do work together, so Kale stays caught up on his work. I'm glad that things are going this way because they just aren't sure how much longer they can divvy up the resources like this. I just hope that with everything we are doing that he'll get his own EA next year and he'll be able to be in his class.

It's not like he's a bad kid, he's just challenging and has an active mind and that can be a huge challenge for teachers with a class full of other students. I understand that. He has an IEP in place and we are using that to get some one on one help for the summer.

So it's all good and moving along smoothly at this point. He seems excited to be working with a tutor and getting out of the house. So I'm happy things are going better and I'm not feeling so stressed about it.

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