Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's been a busy week, the kids last week of school. Let's see I'll go a quick summary of what' been going on.

* Mickey won a new bike at the bike rodeo.
* Wednesday the boys went to the Rock Creek Picnic, they elementary kids have this every year and Kale did great!
*My boys are going into Grade 1 and Grade 4. They are growing up so fast.
*My garden is mostly planted.
*I've been sick this week, got a bad spring cold that is just hanging on with a horrible cough.
*We've been swimming and really enjoying the pool again.
*I missed aquafit since I had a cold, I didn't feel up to it with dizziness and horrible breathing.
* Mickey hurt himself yesterday and had to get stitches, he got 7 of them.
*I've been watching what I eat this week and the weights been going down but then yesterday I had an ice cream sundae, don't ask me why.
*I've been cutting back on the Pepsi again and the smoking. I'm so up and down with these and keep holding on but somethings gotta give soon.
*The boys got movies and ice cream yesterday for finishing school.
*It's been super hot here the last week with a bit of clouds on some days, which I think it just putting on a show of thunder and lightening but not much happening yet.
*If this keeps up our Fire crews will be very busy this summer and that means my Husband will be super busy as well.
*Today, going to go for a walk with the boys, get some plants from my Dad and finish the garden.

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