Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Garden!!!

Well, it's garden season here again.

On Monday I managed to get two of my boxes dug up and my corner berry patch cleaned up. The chives have already started thriving, I love it that they've come back already. My raspberries are doing okay, only about 3 of the starts I put in last summer are still alive but they've already got some bushiness happening at the bottom of them. I planted some strawberry plants in there too! My strawberry patch that's in another section of the yard is now coming along as well.

The blue spruce that I transplanted last summer seem to be doing okay as well. If we every move, I hope it's during the summer because I have tons of stuff there that will have to move with me, though for the life of me I hope we have a big enough yard for a garden and a shop.

So this week sometime, maybe tonight I'm going to plant my potatoes, peas and carrots. I can't wait to get started on this.

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