Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm really liking the new look! I keep coming here to look at it, it must be the color!

Nothing new to report, the sun is shining for a change and I have a headache I've had for what seems like weeks now. Those darn quit smoking pills. I don't want to stop taking them because they work and I'm not smoking but the side effects leave something to be desired.

I got in the mail today my last shipment from ICS, where I took the Fitness and Nutrition Program, it came with a book on weight lifting, some 5lbs weights, a new snazzy pedometer and a measuring tape. It's given me some other goodies along the way that's so neato, not sure why I keep collecting fitness gizmos since I'm not using them at the moment.

The house is almost decluttered, I pretty much have the playroom left to do. I'm already feeling a lot of relief from doing it!

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