Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So this is what's happened in the past month.

*I got my Diploma in Fitness & Nutrition.
*We went camping for 2 nights.
*Went to some hot springs which was so nice on the body.
*Got my bike trailer and am ready to role, have gone out for one long bike ride so far. (I got the trailer last week)
*Finally have some veggies producing plants, lettuce is about ready to be picked.
*Peas, peppers, tomatoes, corn and zucchini finally showing up, I hope they grow fast!
*Started back to aquafit.
*Started calorie counting and menu planning again.
*Got my house organized except for my bedroom, everything else got stuffed in there. On my next kid free day off, I'm going to tackle it.
*Had some nights out with my ladies, it's nice to get out and chat with friends.
*Tomorrow is my 9 year Anniversary with my Husband.
*We are not going out just going to have a nice dinner with the boys and hang out with each other. We might go out next week or something.
*We have had some really nice weather but also what seems like a lot of rain.

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