Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Lots going on!

Lets see, the boys had their school pictures done and we got them back, so I'll have to scan those and put them up. Boy are doing so great. Kale has a teacher with lots of rules this year and it seems to be the thing for him because he is doing awesome.

Mickey is coming along in the reading and they are starting more on the writing. He's slow but starting to get the hang of it but I'm not sure he understands phonics yet but they are working with him.

Mica is have an awesome time it seems, makes for busy days for him. Since he's with 3 different programs 4 days a week, home for weekends and then one full day at his dayhome. But he's doing great. He may be getting his own worker in the near future as he's busy and his behaviors tend to be on the wild side of things.

I'm doing okay, I've sort of plunged myself into working on our family tree. It's been quite interesting. What I had to work with was these old lists that must have been written in an old record type book. I listed my great-great grandmother's side of the family. What I knew was the my gg grandmother a Sarah Ann Firby (born 3Jul 1878) married an Edward Bullen on 24 Nov 1897, a year later on 5 October 1898 she had a child and then on 29 Dec 1898 she died. There was a notation on one of the sheets that reference what looked like a Maffil/Muffil Bullen born 5 Oct 1898.

So I signed up for Ancestry.ca. My father's father was Sidney Bullen son to this unknown Maffil Bullen. So I was sort of stuck there and stuck at Edward Bullen as I don't know his birth day or anything of the sort. After days of searching I discovered under the 1901 census that a Margaret Bullen age 2 lived in the William M. Firby household and was listed as grand daughter.I haven't found anything much so far or who Sidney's father was but I do think that he was born out of wedlock. I do know that Margaret went on to have 3 daughters, a fact that was passed down to my father, though I use the word fact rather loosely. I don't know who she married or if she did.

I've tried looking for my grandmother's side of the family but that is proving to be quite difficult as well. Not sure what to do about that. I know that out of something like six kids, only 2 or 3 of them had kids, so that line may have ended for all I know. Plus I don't have all her siblings names.

I also know that the Firby side, one of Sarah Ann's sister Gertrude Elizabeth married a William Plant and they raised Sidney, they also had 3 daughters and they married and moved to Canada. Saskatchewan. My Dad remembers going to visits them when he was 10 in 1956, they owned farms.

So I'm learning new things. Like there is a prohibition on releasing censuses. They will only do it every 100 years. The did release on early so it only goes to 1911. Plus, some were lost to fire.

So anyway, the search continues. I'm really enjoying this though I can see that I will be spending money to find info.

I'm well, getting on with my exercise routine, been doing The Biggest Loser on Wii. It's fun. Going for a girls' weekend this weekend, plus seeing the dentist. So lots of fun!

Doing Thanksgiving on Monday and not sure how the rest of the week will be.


Brenda said...

don't you love learning all this about your family? I love genealogy. We were able to trace my husbands family back to 1500s England before they came to America. On my side we can go back pretty far but are stuck on my paternal gg grandmothers side. There is no name and she was know as "Old Woman." She was believed to be Native American and there are no records of her that anyone can find so far. It's frustrating.

Good luck with your search! I hope you are able to find more info soon!

Donna @ Snowbound said...

Yes, i do love it! I've always loved history and I'm finding this so interesting. Trying to imagine what their lives were like. I keep wondering about Margaret now, never had a mother and then has to give up a child. Though I think she was around 25/26 when she had my gramps, so unusual.