Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Coasting along

Not much has happened or changed.

The boys are well, healthy and growing. We have weekly game nights, a new thing we are sticking to in the house. I continue to go to my craft night and I take my niece with me. The boys will start soccer soon and then hockey at some point, so the schedule will be busy for me.

I see my counselor tomorrow and I'm hoping to get a handle on things, not sure what things but if I'm under stress then I need some help.

I spend my time with the boys, do some chores, check out the genealogy and read. I'm reading Philipa Gregory and really enjoying a trilogy by her. It has some peculiar parts to it but it's good otherwise.

Nothing has changed on the weight loss front hence seeing my counselor, I want to make some changes in all aspects of my life, so the journey begins again.

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