Thursday, October 28, 2010

Movie Night

Every Wednesday and Friday we as a family spend time together. We play games or watch a movie or just sit around and talk or read books together. Between 7pm and 8pm this is a must, no one can miss out, no playing on computers or off doing your own thing.

So last night we watched a movie. My brother and I usually exchange movies and I lent him the second season of Legend of the Seeker and he lent me his four new kids’ shows. The Karate Kid, Ben 10 Alien Invasion and How to Train Your Dragon plus the 16 minute short that goes with it. So last night we watched The Karate Kid.

The we started the movie at 7 and I thought 120 minutes was plenty of time and I’m not sure if I had the time wrong or what be the movie didn’t end until 9:30pm and turns out my oldest did not do his math homework. I’m so terrible at making sure he’s done his homework.

Once the movie was over all three were super pumped and play fighting and wanting to be strong. I remember this feeling after watching an inspiring movie. I remember watching the story of Nadia Comaneci and wanting to be like her. So I can imagine what the boys are feeling. I love that I can identify so much with what they are thinking and feeling at times.

This morning I was checking on the boys and Kale was doing the training technique that Mr. Han used with Dre, his versions of wax on, wax off. It was cute!

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