Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Mickey has the chicken pox, we've been waiting for what seems like forever for him to get them. They started going around about 3 or 4 weeks ago and the town was a glee with the prospect. Kale had it when he was around 18 months, so it's been quite a wait for me. With Kale he was itchy beyond compare, there was no getting rid of the itch, I think in the end we just had to dunk him into the calamine lotion. He had a good excuse though, back then he had severe and I mean severe eczema, he's mostly better now and only gets a little less than time size patch on his upper arms or legs once in a while if he keeps up with the lotion.
Mickey's chicken pox have been a breeze. He got them Wednesday night, at least I was hoping it was since had a few spots but they could have been scratches by Friday morning we knew it was definitely chicken pox, so I stayed home with him. His missed our yearly Christmas bazaar but he's been doing splendidly with not scratching and we've only had to put the calamine on a few times. Saturday I think he woke up and he was at estimating over a 100 spots on him. He's finally getting better and only had maybe 3 new spots yesterday, so he'll likely go back to school tomorrow. Now we just wait for Mica to start popping spots and we are set for life!

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