Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I was sick with the flu or something yesterday, probably food poisoning but we can't figure out what and it would be something the kids didn't eat because it only affect Marcel and I. But I was okay this morning. I'm enjoying my morning latte.

It's been over ten days now and still no spots on Mica but it could be any day now! It was touch hot this morning but it could be that he sleeps under his covers head and all. So we will see.

I'm really hoping to get pictures with Santa as some point as Mickey missed out at the Christmas Bazaar with his chicken pox. But he's was such a good sport about it all and enjoyed Kale and Mica's picture with Santa.

So I've told you about my ancestry search and I've discovered that I have about 4 cousins, two from each side of my Dad's family. A brother and sister from my Nana's side and two from my Gramps side. The all live in England. I've sent a letter off to one, an old address for my Dad's aunt, she passed in 2008 and her husband passed in 2009, their son I'm hoping still lives at that address. I've sent off numerous facebook messages to complete strangers who have the same names as 3 of the cousins.

At the end of last week I received a message back from one lady and it was a confirmation that yes, she was my cousin. It was a complete fluke but it worked. See I use and I was doing searches, found the two children of the aunt but because there are so many people with those names it's hard to tell anything. So I guessed that they were married and picked the ones I thought fit and I was right for both of them! I thought I was taking a shot in the dark and it was her married name I tried and I found her. I was so happy that I actually cried.

All my cousins are older than I am, the same thing happened in my Mom's side of the family, all my cousins are at least 10 years older or 6 years younger. I'm really enjoying the genealogy I've been doing but there is only so much you can do online. I've figure out who relatives are but I've hit stumps down both sides of the line the Aveyard and the Bullen sides, it's very frustrating and I have no idea what to do next.

When I told my oldest son that he had a cousin in England who was his age, he immediately went on to face book to find her and he did and he's already sent off a message and friend request. He's such a keener.

I know it sounds weird that we're so excited and emotional about it since I have plenty of aunts and uncles and too many cousins to count, all on my Mom's side. See my Dad's an only child and though we always knew we had relatives out there in England somewhere it just seemed so far off and impossible to make contact, though my Nana as far as I knew kept in contact all the way until her death in 2000. She wrote and received letters. I really wish I knew where the letters were, they would be so valuable to me but I think they may have been tossed by her before her passing or sometime after.

It just feels amazing to feel connected to something other than yourself. Maybe it's my own inhibitions but never having sisters or my own daughter makes me want to connect with the woman in my life more but like I said I'm pretty inhibited.

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