Monday, January 31, 2011

Another post...

Sorry, I'm going in fits and spurts it seems with the blogging. I'm finding that it really changes through the month.

This morning I woke up two kids in my bed. One wiggly worm and one sick kid. Yup, you guess, Kale woke up sick again, so this is the third time now. Could be strep throat again or the doctor thinks maybe tonsillitis this time. **Shrug**

The past week has been a little busy. Sunday we had Mica's Birthday lunch. A bunch of his friends showed up and he was so happy. I was so please to see how happy he was. Since his original party was canceled because sickness, I wasn't going to reschedule but he insisted because he wanted his Buzz Lightyear cake and he wanted to show his friends. He was happy and it makes me happy to make him happy.

I've been reading lots of blogs lately so I haven't gotten as far in the books I've been reading. But picking up lots of tips and ideas from the crafting and quilting blogs I've been reading.

I'm having a bit of writing block right now but I'll try to write a bit everyday to get through it.

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