Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday morning....

Tired again. I slept tons last night and still felt tired when I had to get up, oh well. It'll all get better soon.

So it was a pretty okay weekend. Saturday we had a ladies night. Two hours before I was going to get picked up I started feeling yucky. Just not right you know and then I had to go use the facilities. But it wasn't bad, I just felt yuck, bloaty and gassy and I'm not sure why.

I went anyway. For the first two hours I kept thinking, maybe I should go back home. The cabin was hot as most cabins are for me when heated by wood stove, since I'm not used to that great heat anymore. I stuck it out, sipping on my pop while we played a game.

At one point, I felt okay again and so I had a glass or three of wine and we played the game. It was a pretty tame night by our ladies group standards, it didn't start getting raunchy until almost the end, so that was okay. I was pretty tame the whole night, but my answers were what popped into my head and we did have a few new players.

We always seem to play the same game called Things. It's a super blast to play and we usually are laughing the whole night.

I did great with one thing though. I didn't eat. I've been listening to a podcast called Inside Out Weight Loss and I'm finding it very helpful. It's changing the way I think, making more away and helping me set goals. I like it a lot.

Near the end of the night, I tried one stuffed mushroom cap and then I had a couple of crackers and that was it. I felt so very proud of myself and I will keep this up.

Now I have to start my combinations success/inspiration/food journal. I think they are supposed to be different but I'm going to combine them all into one and go from there! I think I'm going to make fabric covers for them. That's the plan anyway.

Lately I've been really focusing on knitting and I've also been find some interesting fabric projects I'd like to try such as fabric snack bags and books covers, dresses and shopping bags. So I'm really keeping myself busy. Maybe I'll eventually get around to be creative on the writing side again.

Time will tell but things seem to be moving in the right direction so far.

Books I'm reading: Black Prism by Brent Weeks and The Best of Times by Penny Vincenzi.
Watching: Season 4 of Smallville
Listening to: Pink

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