Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just want to hug my kids.

I read a really sad article today by a mom of a boy who was in a famous school shooting 10 years ago and it just broke my heart. The amount of guilt and feelings that she shared just made me want to reach out to her and ease some of her hurt.

It also made me realize and remember the amount of crud we children keep to ourselves, to either protect ourselves or to protect our parents. I'm guilty of it and I'm sure my children are guilty of it. The awareness that was put in this article has made me think about how I'm interacting with my children and how I want certain things to change.

I want my children to come to me know matter what and I work hard on that, I really, really do. There needs to be a level of trust built between children and parents and sometimes when we are busy, it's hard to remember that.

Let us learn lessons from other parents that have been there and done that, that will help us become better parents. I know I will be working hard everyday to make sure my boys with trust me and come to me if they need something, need to talk or any little thing at all.

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