Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Perfect Parenting

Perfect Parenting. Yeah right! I'm sorry but there is no such thing! No parent makes all the right choices or decisions and we are all human.

I know I've made plenty of mistakes but I've also sacrificed for my kids and they know they are loved and that is probably the most important thing.

At the same time they need so much more than computers and TV's to keep them occupied. I'm guilty of it, in the past few years have found that our lifestyle has changed to more sedentary and we don't do as much as we used to. Partly because I hate having to wrangle my kids when I'm at someones house or some event. It's the main reason I don't like going to other people's homes with them. If it's important things sometimes both parents go or only one parent and not all the kids which I feel is unfair to the boys.

Different rules and then other people would see that I don't have a handle on my kids. They don't listen to me unless I yell and I really want that to change. I think it's because I've let them have too much free time on the computer, TV or game system while I myself get my me time or reading or playing on my own computer.

Before Christmas I gave up the games on my Facebook because those were the thing that were taking me away from my kids. I've turned the TV off way more and I play with them. It's kind of messing with their heads. They crave the screen and I deny them for their own good. I want my boys to grow up on the land and not stuck like glue to a computer.

So it's my main goal for this year to get my kids back outside and away from the screen. My hope is that it will also work on my husband because I'll lead by example. It's a tough job but my kids are worth it and I'm trying to get my priorities back in alignment this year in so many areas. So it's something I am working on.

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