Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Morning

I woke up by myself this morning and I was feeling good. I wake up most mornings by myself. My husband doesn't sleep. Well, he sleeps but not for long. It's always baffled me how little sleep this man needs. I think It's usually somewhere between 4-6 hours and the occasional 7 or 8 hour night and I do mean occasional, as in maybe every 5-6 months. So if we go to bed at the same time he's usually up 2-3 hours before me. Sometimes he plays his game on the computer and sometimes he goes out to his shop. I am blissfully asleep. Sometimes I wake up too depending on when I got to bed. This morning I woke at 6:30am. I laid there for sometime before I made my way to the shower and then to my coffee maker. I don't really drink coffee. Only latte's and my Mom got me one of those Tassimo machine's last year and every morning I can have my latte at home without spending a fortune. I can get 8 small lattes for the price of 2 regular latte's at my favorite coffee place.
The boys are all well and were off to their own things today school or daycare. So it was nice to be back on schedule.

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