Saturday, February 26, 2011

I woke up this morning and started sewing. I woke up mighty early too! That's what happens when you are sick. I have been having wonderful sleeps since I got sick. I've also been having lots of dreams and I'm glad because I missed them.

Sleep doesn't always come easily to me anymore so it's been nice. The not nice part is us being sick. The whole town seems to have been hit with this sickness. There is a crazy 3 day fever and bad cold symptoms. We have a sore throat now for the most part and sneezing like crazy. It's on its way out and that is a good thing. I refuse to be sick anymore this winter.

I've spent a good deal of time sitting or lying down today. My head head is still congested, fuzzy in the head. Most of the day I've been getting a sharp pain in my ear but in the last hour it's turned into a stuffed ear. Really, I'm not sure what you call it. It's plugged I guess, voices sound funny, I sound funny to myself. I have one more day to get getter before school starts.

Unfortunately for me being sick means the kids spend a lot of time entertaining themselves or watching TV. Unfortunate because we are trying to wean in preparation for us going black with the satellite.

I did manage to get my strips sewn up and cut this weekend. I'm short some piece for my block and I'm stilling trying to decide what to do about that. I did manage to have my Mom bring me back some more jelly rolls from the City. I'm kind of wishing I did random putting the colours together but I tried putting the colours nicely together and now I have these other fabrics and they seem to go so maybe I'll just do that.

I tell my kids their weird all the time so when they are older they don't get any surprises!

Watching: Season 10 of Smallville
Reading: Industrial Magic
Listening: My son talking.

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