Saturday, February 12, 2011

March 16: Beginning of a new Era!

We've decided that we are going to give up TV, okay, not TV but satellite. We are very tired of how much TV watching goes on in our house. It is definitely with much trepidation that we made the decisions but it's a decision that needed to be made. Not only will it help us save a bit of money every month but it will allow us to spend more quality time with the boys. I will definitely miss Grey's, it's pretty much the only show I watch right now. True Blood and Dexter, well, I always buy them on DVD anyway, so I'll just have to wait a little extra before I get to watch them.

It's not like they will not get anything. We have hundreds of movies and at least a 1/3 of them are family or kid movies, so no biggy. We'll still have our family movie night but it will have a whole new meaning.

So beginning March 16 it will be no more. So we have about a month to wean the boys off. We've been weaning already and they are starting to play better together. Who would have known?

Last Thursday we watched Beauty and the Beast for our movie night and I was pleasantly surprised that the boys loved it. Ever since Mickey and Mica have been THE BEAST! It's too funny and now I have to make costumes for them to be THE BEAST!

We usually buy the newest kids movies. So Megamind, which we went to at the Museum on the weekend is the newest on the list and already they are bugging me to get it. The other is Tangled, it'll be playing at the Museum on Feb 26 & 27. They are already bugging me to go watch!

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Cyndi said...

You could always watch Grey's on! It's usually on the day after it airs!