Friday, February 11, 2011

Kids have all the fun!!

I sometimes wish I was a hockey fan. In high school I tried but I just find it boring. It was hard when the one place to hang out on a Friday night was at the arena watching hockey and all my friends wanted to go because they liked the hockey players (don't worry Cyn, I'm not talking about you).
Even my family went. My brother was a hockey player. It's just never interested me. I've been lucky not having boyfriends who are fanatics or a husband for that matter. We don't watch Hockey Night in Canada or even the Olympics when Canada is playing. In fact all the NHL channels on my satellite are not on my favorite list. Watch now, I'll have Hockey Cops busting through my windows to reprogram my TV!

This week has been a Hockey week in town. A famous hockey game was played between the Dawson Nuggets and the Ottawa Senators, one game was in Whitehorse and the other here. Yesterday the schools, daycares, community was invited to go have hot chocolate and goodies and skate with the Senators. And today in Hockey Night in Canada Day and we were encouraged to wear Hockey Jerseys at school and even at work today.

None of us did because well, I don't have one. The boys have some but Kale gave up hockey last year and Mickey didn't want to play until the learned to skate and right now he hates skating, actually both boys do and I'm not sure why. Mica too have been taking the preschool lessons through daycare and he picked it up fast.

It's the weekend and I'm happy it's semi warm out and my hopes are to get the kids and us adults out in the snow.

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