Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Day with Mica

He woke up not feeling well.
A slight fever, a reddish tint to his eyes.
Tired, very tired looking.
He kept me busy.
Once the other boys were off, we cleaned up a bit.
Watched a bit of Zaboomafoo.
Made these cupcakes.
We read books.
Cuddle a bit.
We made this sensory box, I got the idea here.
We had lunch and made lunch for Daddy and his brothers.
Then we had a visit with one of his workers.
She went over some new stuff they are working on
with his supported worker.
My H and I talked to her about what changes we have made.
What we want to work on.
She gave us plenty of ideas.

He fell asleep on my lap during the visit.
Then I had a quiet hour before the boys came home on the bus.
It was an exhausting but wonderful day.
I wish it could be like this everyday.

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