Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Over at Finding Serendipity

Since I've gotten the new Canon Rebel, I've been practicing.
I'm a total beginner and don't know what I'm doing.
And I've read in a few places to not use flash, so I'm been studying a little.
I don't have a whole lot of time right! So...
Anyway over at FindingSerendipity, she has some beautiful photos and
asked us to find something called the 'catchlight', so I looked through the
photos I've taken and found some. So here they are.


patty said...

i found you!
great job on the catchlights and congratulations on the cannon... i hear it's a great camera!
thanks for linking up!

{A*very} Blessed Life said...

Great job Donna! Love those sweet faces! Keep up the great work!

Donna @ Snowbound said...

Thank you ladies. I'm trying.