Monday, May 30, 2011

Sometimes Life is Just so Frustrating

Time, time, time...
That's is what I need.
Since I was away last weekend. I was bound and determined to get my garden in. This is my thing! The whole town has there garden in and not me. It's just unheard of.
So I've also been dealing with cat crap and dead mice being strewn around my yard. At least the dead mouse or vole that was in the front was not there in the morning.
So the kids like to get in the van before I do, Marcel has a rule that they are not and I've never enforced it. Well, this weekend, they were locking and unlocking the door in order to basically piss each other off and they broke my automatic panel on the driver's side door. So when I got them in the back and I was going to drive, it was hanging there. I don't know how to fix that since it's inside. Kale was trying to be helpful and said that if you lift up the window one it pulls it up and you can unlock or lock the door. Phhff!
Seriously, I was so mad at the time.
Saturday we were out all day. I managed to buy some bedding plants, replacing the ones that had mysteriously died on me. I think they were underwater while I was gone and then over watered at some point. Not worrying about it now. I didn't get to buy manure but my Mom had extra bags from last year so I pick up those Sunday morning, they were super heavy because they were wet. My hands got all green from slime. It was gross. So we go all the plants outside, manure, peat moss and we were ready to go. So I worked on one box, removed cat crap, added peat moss and manure and turned. Proceeded to put the chicken wire over the  one side. Then it was lunch time and the kids wanted to swim, so I didn't get much done. The afternoon it kept threatening to rain.
So we got home, we had a very healthy yogurt and berries for dinner. They later had some KD. I got my corn and a few of the squash plants in. My staple gun just stopped working. So what to do. I stored all the plants in the greenhouse, corralled the kids inside and got them showered and ready for bed.
Then my other half got home. Yes, he's back to his summer schedule with a bang. They had fires to fight yesterday, so he was busy filling up those planes.
Stressed, tired, frustrated and overwhelmed.
Time to practice my meditation, exercise, some yoga, patience is a virtue I need to work on right now. We knew the summer busy schedule would hit, so it's kind of a rough start. Breath....

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