Monday, June 20, 2011

It's Raining Out

I've been in one of those states lately where everything is chaos!

My house, my craft room, my family!

This happens at transition time between schools in, schools out!

I'm trying to get a handle on everything.

Slowly working my magic.

We've decided to buy a shed.

It'll be cheaper to order one than build one.

This will make my life so much better and I can't wait.

Who knew the prospect of a simple thing like a shed would

make me feel so good.

We found one but the price a little high.

Only thing is that we don't have too many options up here

where we live, shipping is just horrendous.

We will have having some major van expenses this week.

So...we have to wait a bit to order the shed.

C'est la vie!

My garden is totally in and growing, my seeds are down for the lawn.

My craft room is getting cleaner.

Laundry is not a mountain, it's a small hill.

My house is semi-clean and I'm getting more organized by the day.

Yay me!

I still have a list of projects a mile long.

I need to find sand for the boys sand box.

I have quilts to finish and movies to watch.

I have books to read and children to play with.

Games to play, sprinklers to run through.

Toys to play with, kits to fly.

Summer is fun and yet, so exhausting.

Bikes to ride and pools to swim in.

We have yet to go camping. Once the van is fixed.

My girls and I are going on two night camping trip,

no kids. Crazy but true!

Life is fun and busy and exciting right now and I'm

loving my life.

There are things I need to work on.

I keep throwing things on the back burner because of the busy.

Yet, I am compelled to do more so I will be doing some adjustments very soon.

Exercise is going well but I skip too often because of tiredness, weather, too many things to do.

So I will have to put myself first and my kids too!

Eating healthy and good is so important and I want to make that a priority.

Reading, reading, reading.

So here's to more planning and getting my life the way I want it.

With change comes happiness!

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