Friday, June 24, 2011

My Living Room

I thought I would update about my living room.
I see I hadn't followed up after I posted about my couch and lamps.
They weren't the jade color that I thought they would be.
So they don't totally clash with the couches either.
I'm feeling much more put together now.

We don't buy furniture too often.
Money is often tight around here with three kids and all.
So big purchases are hard.
My Mom bought us the couches, for my Birthday.
They are from The Brick and they were on sale.
But I love them, they are so comfortable.
I also got a little bit of money from my Mom
after Dad passed so I got the lamps and new dining chairs
from Sears, all on clearance but I think I lucked out.
The chairs are comfy and Hubby actually likes them.
The lamps while not the color I thought are still nice.
I'm glad I was able to find those kind of deals at Sears.
The side tables I got from my Mom too.
She didn't want them anymore.
They were my Dad's from long ago.
The coffee table, Hubby picked up for me for my
Birthday when he went to Edmonton about
5 years ago at my request.
The top has been painted once already.
I'm thinking of painting it again to match a bit better.
I also got an old dresser from my Mom
that I'm going to redo. It's painted blue right now.
It's very old and chipped.
So I'll need to strip it and repaint that as well.
Things seem to be finally coming together.
I'm actually decorating. I can't believe it!
I have some photo frames to put up still.
But I'm not big on nick nacks so I don't think I'll do much else.
I also have a bunch of crafty projects I want to do.
There is too much inspiration out there on the web.
But I love reading all the crafty and DIY blogs out in blogland.
There are two older very old hand me down dressers
I'd like to repaint at some point.
I'm also going to redo the dining room table.
There was a neat grey with dark top posted somewhere I want to find
and copy.
Anyway, have a great day!


Brenda said...

looks nice! I like the color of the lamps =)

Donna @ Snowbound said...

Thanks. I do too!