Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer So Far

 On my week off I painted this shelf.
I've been reading the crafty blogs.
There are projects going on all over.
So it inspired me to do something.
I had this plain bookcase for years.
It was untouched wood.
So I thought why now try.
So it's my first project that was finished.
I put it in the bathroom beside the toilet.
Ha! I know but it's like a little wall.
Creates a little alcove for privacy.
We rent so I can't actually build a wall there!
I like it!
 My Mom bought me this netting for a gazebo.
Its was for my back porch.
She made me put it up that day.
So we worked at it for a little while.

I got things figured out.
I had these little sticks from my Husband's shop.

I knew they would come in handy for something.
One side we used little nails.
We used nails on the other side since the wood was thin.
I love it.
I can sit outside now without he mosquitoes eating me alive.

 She also brought me this.
It's very nice.
We and s'mores that afternoon.
It fit right in our fire pit.
It was a great day with my Mom.
She was there for something like 6 hours.
It was so pleasant and I don't remember the last time 
we just hungout together with the kids.
Lots got done that day too!
It was a Saturday.
Saturday is comic book day.
This Saturday Mickey spied a hammock.
It was $10, so I said why not!
So we did!
He loves it.
He likes to read out there.
Cute eh?


Brenda said...

looks like a great reading spot! I wish we had big enough trees to do something like that. I know Kinsey would love it.

Donna @ Snowbound said...

I know. We have no trees in the yard. His is hanging from the fence. It's only for the kids.