Friday, July 22, 2011

10 Years Yesterday!

We were married.
You know what is sad?
We hardly have any pictures of us together.
I'm going to remedy this.
Well, I've been saying that for years now.
But really this time it's going to happen.
This is the last picture of us today.
It's from Valentine's Day of this year.

It wasn't planned or anything so how did it happen?
Oh well.
We didn't do too much to celebrate.
We never do since we both believe in showing our love everyday.
My Mom gave us money to go for dinner in the City.
The trip to the City seemed almost like a honeymoon with only one kid.
We didn't get the tattoos we wanted, so that may happen in September
when and if we can make a trip down to Edmonton.
It's been four years since we've been there when Mica was 3 months old
and we bought the new van. We are due.
We went for Chinese food for dinner in the City. It was good.
My Mom contributed and we used the money I had saved for some time.
To buy a new bed. We are so happy.
It's been 10 years since we had a new bed.
New furniture doesn't happen to often in our house since we have the three boys.
Our current bed has been a family bed.
All three of my children have slept with us in that bed
during their first years.
So it has had a lot of use.
We are excited for the new bed.
Marcel has to build a small base for it and it came with a new free TV.
My Mom does so much for us so we are giving her our old TV since
her flat screen has a line through it.
I don't talk about my Mom too much because she doesn't like having her info or pictures on the internet and I'm forbidden from disclosing anything about her.
Just so ya know!
Then we went for lunch yesterday at the same place we go year round.
They have good food.
The chicken quesadilla I had without the jalapenos was great!
We had some time off work and spent some time together.
I made Shepard's pie for dinner and my Mom came over.
Being together as a family is what we are about!

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